If you and your canine companion crave some time together away from the soul-crushing rules of city dog parks, spend the afternoon at the Airport Dog Park. Just south of Highway 62, these 80 acres of land contain the closest thing to a dog free-for-all you can find. Wander the paths or join the ruckus in the big field where dogs meet and sniff. The land is owned by the Metropolitan Airport Commission and hugs the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport runways. No need to have an off-leash permit to let your dog run free here, but heavy users of the space try to implement their own basic rules of respect. Be warned: Since no one is enforcing the stricter regulations of city dog parks, you bring your pup at your own risk. If your little fluffball is attacked on the property, you have to solve the problem with the other dog owner. And be sure to stay out of "No Trespassing" zones. You don't want to be accused of terrorist activities on airport land because your dog has a mind of its own.

City Pages presents: Best Dog Park produced by MPLS.TV.

Location Details

6040 28th Ave. S.
Bloomington MN 55425


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