Lyndale Avenue South and 26th Street, Minneapolis

As our independently owned and operated establishments get hunted to extinction by condo tycoons and chain restaurants, finding a one-stop corner where you can drop your dough with pride is increasingly becoming a challenge. But head to Lyndale Avenue South and 26th Street and take a look around. Within just a few paces, you can wake up with a cup at Common Roots, slam a bison burger at the Bulldog, pick up the latest Mother of Fire release at Treehouse Records, and get wasted at the CC Club, with enough time to stumble down to the Sculpture Garden and sober up before nightfall. Even the wreckage of former mainstay Rex Hardware, less an eyesore than a monument to a gilded past, serves as a fond reminder of what Uptown looked like in its pre-Soho salad days.


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