Now that it has settled into its newer, cleaner, bigger digs on University Avenue, the workmanlike Saigon Restaurant and Bakery has gotten back to its business of cranking out the Twin Cities' best bánh mì sandwiches. These crunchy treats combine various artifacts of French cuisine (baguette, pâté, mayonnaise) with Vietnam's favorite ingredients (grilled pork, cilantro, hot peppers) for a pan-global, post-colonial explosion of flavor—and crumbs. At just $3.50 per, Saigon's are not only the best around but also some of the best priced. In fact, the restaurant's entire menu, while perhaps not as thoughtful as those of perennial winners Quang and Ngon, is ridiculously affordable. The only item that will run you more than $10 is a 10-pound bowl of brothy pho. That one's $15, but if you can finish it, it's free, as is the "I Am the Pho-King!" T-shirt you'll get to commemorate the feat.

Location Details

704 University Ave.
St. Paul MN 55103


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