There are plenty of great Spanish tapas in town, Solera's and El Meson's for starters, but we're currently smitten with the Filipino version at Subo, where chef Neil Guillen applies four-star French cooking technique to the humble foods of his homeland. Spain's colonization of the islands means small plates have always been popular in the Philippines, and the ones at Subo bear much pan-Asian influence. The menu features a lively interplay of sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy flavors and a heavy emphasis on pork—pork candy made with spicy sausage and lime gastrique, pork buns called Peking cakes, and deep-fried pork belly, or lechon kawali, served with jicama pickles. Between the crispy croquettes, adobo chicken wings, and grilled chimichurri, it's easy to let the plates stack up on the small tabletops—remember, Subo means "to feed" in Tagalog. It's hard to believe you're in Minneapolis and not the South Pacific.

Location Details

89 S. 10th St.
Minneapolis MN 55402


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