Forget Chinese, pizza, and all the other staples of takeout. Because whether you're too busy, too broke, or too shirtless to dine in at a restaurant, the last thing you want from your takeout is be reminded that you're having takeout. So here's what you tired, hungry masses do: Pull a few blocks off 35W to Marla's and order the kind of food you associate not with being in a hurry but with being on vacation: jerk chicken, saltfish, callaloo, plantains—the comfort food of the Caribbean islands. Grab a Jamaican Ting soda to wash it all down. You'll start relaxing even as you wait, what with the classic reggae on the stereo and the breezy charm of your hosts. Rest assured that Marla—the sister of local island-cooking icon Harry Singh—will spice the dishes enough to recharge you for another few hours of work. Though for at least a little while, as you chow down in your Ford Focus, you'll forget what needs doing and perhaps even where you are.

Location Details

3761 Bloomington Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55407


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