By now you've tried all the Chef Shack staples, right? Sat yourself down on the curb at Kingfield's farmers' market or the Guthrie steps at Mill City's and tucked into a Thousand Hills hot dog, Buffalo Gal bison burger, or Fischer Farms pulled-pork sandwich (smothered with homemade condiments, natch), then followed it up with a bag of the Indian-spiced mini-doughnuts, chocolate mousse, or the torched-to-order crème brûlée? Well, you've just scratched the surface of Carrie Summer and Lisa Carlson's repertoire. Last year the Shack family expanded, as the ladies added two more mobile vehicles to their fleet and supplemented their original menu. They started experimenting with things like zucchini lasagna, grilled romaine salad, charcuterie, and a star anise and caramel s'more. When they tweeted the arrival of their seasonally fleeting tempura soft-shell crab sandwiches, foodies lined up 20 deep. They added ice cream to the list as well—the luscious, bubblegum-pink beet flavor is a surprise hit, with a subtle sweetness that's tempered by an earthy edge. Summer and Carlson have spent the winter traveling in Asia, picking up more inspirations along the way, so we can't wait to see what they roll out this season.

Location Details

Mill City Farmers Market, 704 S. Second St.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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