Few restaurants in the metro can hold a candle to the ridonculous creativity of the team at 112 Eatery. Their menu is as diverse as the crowd at Nye's, but what may surprise you is that this Minneapolis comfort-food classic also features a roster of killer sandwiches. The burger is ultra decadent, the bánh mì is inspiring, but the best option is the identity crisis that is the bacon, egg, and harrisa sandwich. We're not sure whether to call this American comfort, North African nouveau, or Asian fusion, but regardless, it is a playground for flavors. The bacon is like Mickey Rourke—thick, smoky, and rich. Snappy cilantro adds freshness and a Mexican-Asian inspiration, while the harissa supplies depth through spice and a slow-burning heat. Lastly, a perfectly fried egg yields a velvety yolk that ties all the other components together. This union of ingredients may seem odd at first blush, but without them all, this sandwich simply wouldn't be the awkwardly amazing dish that it is.

Location Details

112 N. 3rd St.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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