D'Amico and Sons

Let's be honest. You know, just between us parents. What makes a place great to eat with the kidlets isn't the number of servers dressed as large mascots, or the sturdiness of the toy included with the meal. It's whether mom and dad can eat and enjoy themselves as much as the tots do—a tall order at places like Chuck E. Cheese and McDonald's. Which is exactly what makes D'Amico the perfect pick. First, kids eat free every Sunday (win for the wallet). Second, the menu features kid-friendly pizzas and plenty of pasta dishes (win for the wee ones). And finally, there's the bottomless wine for parents (this is so full of win it isn't measurable on any modern scale). There's even a stack of coloring pages and crayon cups available right at the restaurant's entrance that families can grab as they walk in, which can easily diffuse everything from pre-meal tantrums to post-ordering boredom. Plus, parents get to eat food they actually like, too, because the array of gourmet salads and hot sandwiches means no one has to compromise for the sake of the kids. Even the desserts speak to specific audiences, as tots can chomp on snickerdoodles while parents split a decadent tiramisu (and, of course, more wine).

Location Details

555 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis MN 55402


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