Our cities have a wealth of old-guy bars—the kind of places where you can hang around with the retirement crowd, order a shot and a beer, and listen to/tell corny jokes and fishing stories. But Yannarelly's, which has been around since the early 1900s, is one of the best—just ask any East Sider. In its neon glow, this bar has simple charm—a pool table, the original bar with wooden coolers, bags of salty snacks hanging from metal racks, and the beer—Bud, Grain Belt, PBR in a 16-ounce can—is cheap and cold, and the bartender always seems genuinely happy to see you. But what makes this place extra special is the early crowd: Pre-9 p.m. the stools are filled with guys who have great stories to tell. Especially colorful are the descriptions of Payne Avenue back in the day, when it was full of department stores, movie theaters, bakeries, and butcher shops. The rich history of this neighborhood bar and the affection that generations of patrons have for it make a visit to Yannarelly's—especially when a game is on—such a great time. Let's face it, old guys give the greatest advice and tell the best tales, and isn't it nice to go somewhere where you will get laughed at for ordering a Cosmo?

Location Details

1199 Payne Ave.
St. Paul MN 55130


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