The Blue Door Pub

A good neighborhood bar is a place where the waitstaff is friendly, the music is good, and the taps are cheap and plentiful. The Blue Door Pub has all these things, but it also has something few bars can claim: hangman. That's right, each booth comes equipped with chalk and a board perfect for a boozed-up round of hangman—or whatever else you choose to do with them. That peculiarly wholesome feature is in keeping with the Blue Door's ambiance. It's not a place for vodka Red Bulls and house music, but it's a great venue to unwind after work and knock back a few pints of Surly. The happy hours go late, the crowds are pleasant, and pretty waitresses will never let your pint glass go dry. Plus, the Cajun fries are plain delicious.

City Pages presents: Best Neighboorhood Bar - St. Paul produced by MPLS.TV.

Location Details

1811 Selby Ave.
St. Paul MN 55104


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