The psychoactive properties of absinthe have been greatly exaggerated over its long history, but that doesn't make the idea of combining it with tequila any less outlandish. The Cobra Verde, the crown jewel in Barrio's finely tuned selection of across-the-board spectacular margaritas, pulls that wild stunt off with delicious aplomb. The anise-rich qualities of absinthe combine favorably with the lush tang of top-shelf tequila, and incorporating that combination into a refreshing yet bracing cherry-lime sweetness is the perfect example of Barrio's top-notch mixology. If you don't want to take your chances on a taste of the wormwood, plenty of other delectable options grace Barrio's margarita menu. The classic Cointreau-and-lime-splashed Trinity and the Cazadores-fueled Cesar Chavez in particular are excellent. But the Cobra Verde is at the top of the margarita list for a damn good reason, and when the best tequila bar in the state puts their best margarita together, it's more than worth the risk of going Van Gogh crazy from a visit with the Green Fairy.

Location Details

925 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis MN 55402


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