There's a salty little war quietly playing out at the intersection of Cedar and Riverside between two of Minneapolis's finest French fry purveyors: the Wienery and the Acadia Café. The winner will be the one who can most consistently deliver a house-made fry that makes good on its fresh-flavor promises without devolving into a 10-napkin sog-fest. Currently, the Acadia is winning. The secret to their hand-cut fries is an overnight garlic-and-vinegar bath, which is as mouthwatering a sentence as we'll ever type. How they get them so Sysco-crunchy is a secret between the Acadia's line cooks and the fry-devil they dealt with. Get a basket to share for $4.95—half-off during the daily 4 to 7 p.m. happy hour—or better yet, order a burger and get them on the side. With so many bars running that "served with kettle chips" scam (a fraud on par with punitive ATM fees), it'll feel like you're eating the Twin Cities' best French fries for free.

Location Details

329 S. Cedar Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55454


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