What, exactly, is a steaming pile of penne alfredo doing at the Taj Indian Grill lunch buffet? It's an understandable inquiry, but considering you just paid $4.95 to get in line—pause and let that price wash over you—you don't ask questions. After all, this generous buffet (11 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily) requires at least three trips to taste all it has to offer. Start off with the onion salad and a helping of beef nihari with a side of soft naan. Round two is chicken themed: The rich tikka masala and tandoori chicken make for a colorful second course, one that vegetarians can exchange for the veggie curry with coconut milk and the deep-green palak paneer. Fill your third clean plate with creamy kheer, the sweetly spiced rice pudding, which will leave you muttering, "$4.95...just $4.95." Even if you add a self-serve pop, this tasty Indian experience is still cheaper than a run through Jimmy John's, and infinitely more satisfying.

Location Details

2700 39th Ave. NE
Columbia Heights MN 55421


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