Harry Singh's

You think you're brave. You cook with habaneros on a semi-regular basis. You swear you're cool with the volcanic activity taking place inside your mouth. Then you go to Harry Singh's and order the jerk chicken plate—brimming with red beans and a colorful spray of vegetables amid plump, darkened pieces of meat—and it promptly reorients, reinvents, and just all-out rocks any idea you ever had about hot, but in the very best of ways. Harry's food has the blessed power of simultaneously pushing your limits and also honoring your inner wimp. Insides thrumming? Here, have some melon-y sweet soursop juice, or a soothing, cold shot of peanut punch. Looking for something a little lighter to chase those hot peppers? Try some Jamaican patties, which are like flattened, meat-filled croissants. Or doubles, which are like the Trinidadian equivalent of Native American fry bread, only filled with curried chickpeas. Or roti, another house specialty, which are Caribbean burritos. Try the curry potato and chickpea. But only after you brave the jerk.

Location Details

2653 Nicollet Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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