If Walgreens stocks it, Joni Wheeler probably doesn't, as her Kingfield candy shop, Sugar Sugar Candy, specializes in hard-to-find niche products, imports, and the old-fashioned sweets that Grandma ate growing up. Wheeler drew on her retail background and eye for the aesthetic when she decorated her shop. She painted the walls the signature green of Paris's Ladurée pastry shop (as Tiffany blue is to jewelry, Ladurée green is to confections) and displayed her collection of art nouveau chocolate boxes. Her inventory offers something for everyone: pink peppercorn chocolate bars, organic gummy pandas, British Curly Wurlys, bulbous candy rings, old-fashioned Blackjack gum, Mallo Cups—even a vegan riff on the Snickers bar. If you need help deciding, just look to Wheeler, stationed behind the counter, as she'll be happy to offer a sample along with a little candy trivia or historical tidbit. Did you know that Civil War soldiers stocked Necco wafers in their packs? Or that Minnesotans eat more licorice than residents of any other state? Now you do, thanks to Wheeler and Sugar Sugar Candy.

Location Details

3803 Grand Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55409


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