Eggs. Bacon. Waffles. Whatever. The thought of a basic breakfast sometimes makes us want to roll over and hit the snooze button. But we'll pop out of bed before the alarm if we know we're getting the morning bruschetta at D'Amico Kitchen. It's as artful as anything hanging on the walls at the Chambers Hotel, which is home to owner Ralph Burnet's extensive collection of contemporary paintings and sculptures. A drift of white ricotta cheese, smooth as whipped butter, sits in a pool of warm honey, sprinkled with currants and pine nuts. Spread it on the tender toast and you have a sweet breakfast treat—add a bit of the tissue-thin prosciutto piled in the middle of the plate and you have a dish as nuanced as one of D'Amico's dinner entrées. It's a delight to eat in the sunny dining room, which, even during off-hours, maintains a chic, urban buzz due to downtown passersby and hip hotel guests traipsing through. These days, anyone with ambition does early-morning meetings—the three-martini lunch is so over—so make D'Amico Kitchen your go-to spot for power breakfasts.

Location Details

901 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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