3220 West Lake Street, Minneapolis

Rustica Bakery's new location at Calhoun Village (it moved out of the space it shared with Java Jack's at 46th and Bryant last November) is surprisingly sparse in decoration. The walls are bare and painted a basic white, while the tables are plain and unadorned. That means all the focus in the spacious bakery is exactly where it should be: on Rustica's decadent desserts, pastries, and heaped piles of bread loaves. (Have they considered hanging their artful tarts and Danishes on the walls? Food for thought.) Take your time in front of the bakery's glass cases to carefully consider your purchases. It's a toss-up between the bittersweet chocolate and ginger cookies for ultimate supremacy, so it's best to get both. And do you opt for the chocolate-on-chocolate of the Paris-Brest, a round pastry with a light chocolate filling, or the slap of the tangy lemon tart? Do you grab the egg braid or the classic baguette to take home? Calm your frazzled mind with a coffee from Bull Run Roasting's single-cup brewing, available from a staff of knowledgeable baristas that make the Rustica experience—and the swim your scone is about to take in that perfectly crafted latte—complete.

Location Details

3220 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55416


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