Paul Douglas

There are men who report on the weather, and there are men who predict the future. Paul Douglas is among the latter, a soothsayer of all that hails from above. The man who made a cameo in Twister is also a guy who made a killing off cloud systems, by creating weather software applications that he sold to Hollywood and Garmin. The mad genius has also written two books. But his real coup, and the reason he beat steamy Sven Sundgaard this year, is starting a national service for weather and calling it just that: Weather Nation. He's delivering custom weather data, graphics, and video to anyone who wants it. HD television? No problem. The iPhone? Done. Douglas breaks weather forecasts faster than Mother Nature breaks wind. Still, he has the time to complete monthly weather reports for the public television show Almanac. In a recent appearance, he declared the people of Minnesota had become, "a state of weather wusses." Blam! And the dude backs up his smack with statistical documentation, digital toys, and a lifetime of forecasting weather. The move to public television, after a decade-plus at WCCO, allows him time to provide the viewer with sweet trivia, like how above-average snowfall can mean billions in economic loss. And during the times when the elements seem unbearable, heed his message: "Remember, there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing choices."


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