The premise of Two Chairs Telling is simple. Once a month, two skilled spoken-word performers are given a stage together, and everything else—the themes addressed, the tone, and the stories told—is up to the pair to decide. The results become something greater than the sum of the artists involved, thanks to Loren Neimi's deft hand at arranging interesting and provoking pairings that explore differences and similarities in story content, style, gender, generation, and more. Neimi started the series at the Jungle Theater back in 1992, then took a decade-long hiatus from '98-'08, when the modern incarnation of Two Chairs returned at the Open Eye Theater. There's never been a better time to attend, as the spring season is proving to be the most interesting yet, with pairings such as Rockstar Storyteller Courtney McClean and musical folklorist John Berquist, or Balls Cabaret hostess Leslie Ball with national slam poet 6 Is 9.

Location Details

506 E. 24th St.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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