You can do a bunch of things at the Triple Rock that you can't do at any other music venue: order a vegan-friendly mystery meal ("The Cook's Revenge"), drop a few quarters into a Zaxxon game while tipping back a Surly Bender, or set up an all-N.W.A./Thin Lizzy/Discharge playlist on its famous jukebox. But those are just the finer points of the best place in town to pull an afternoon-to-curfew music night. The big picture is the music room, inaugurated in 2003 with a legendary three-night Lifter Puller reunion and which has somehow only grown more legendary from there. Imagine the intimacy of the 7th St. Entry stretched out into a room that can comfortably fit 400, and that hosts everything from popular free weekly DJ nights to $5 four-band local bills to the latest touring bands to get Best New Music from Pitchfork. Calling it a rock club really just scrapes the surface: Punk, indie pop, metal, underground, hip hop, alt-country, and stuff they haven't found genre names for yet all take the stage to rabid, enthusiastic receptions. This isn't one of those fold-your-arms type of clubs—this is where you head if you want to go flat-out apeshit in one of the best friendly-crowd environments in the Twin Cities.

Location Details

629 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55454


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