Gay Witch Abortion

After three years, we're running out of praises. So Gay Witch Abortion needs to start sucking, lest we be driven to (gasp) consult a thesaurus. In bathing suits and rock bands, you simply can't beat a well-appointed two-piece, and Gay Witch Abortion is as well fitted as bands come. From a drum kit and a stack of guitar amps comes sound primordial, great washes of glacial guitar noise, a thwack and clatter of vicious drumming. As wild as a blizzard but as fiercely controlled as the sprockets of a stopwatch, GWA have always erred on the pink end of the sound spectrum, all the while holding firm that madness must be governed. Their tone and attitude may be rabid lunacy, but their pulse is endlessly metronomic. The sum is proven show after show, listen after listen. Gay Witch Abortion is our favorite prime number, and they continue to raise hairs every time they plug in.


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