College students and late-night music go together like beer and pizza. That's why it was almost criminal that the University of Minnesota's Radio K was held to a daylight-only schedule. The station originally began broadcasting on 770 AM in 1993 and had been lobbying for a spot on the FM dial ever since. Finally, late last year the station was able to transmit 24 hours a day from two new signals. The broadcast has been well received overall. And while the diversity of other stations' playlists has greatly diminished over the years, Radio K's has expanded to include great shows unique to the Twin Cities. Programs include Girl Germs, which highlights female musicians; Off the Record, a show of local music and live sets; and The Beat Box, which plays hip hop, a genre increasingly hard to find on Minnesota airwaves.

Location Details

330 21st Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55455


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