The Twilight Hours

Former Trip Shakespeare bandmates Matt Wilson and John Munson have been playing music together on and off for years, but their collaboration in the Twilight Hours puts the duo back at square one as they re-establish themselves in an entirely new project. And the results are profound: On the duo's debut, Stereo Night, Wilson's songwriting takes center stage, his innate pop sensibilities driving the momentum from one accessible track to the next. The pair's longstanding friendship binds the tracks together, with Munson's harmonies and call-and-response verses nestling themselves between Wilson's harmonies like a baseball falling into an old, worn glove, and their shared love of pop harks back not only to their Shakespearean days but also to bands like the Zombies, Big Star, and even Munson's former band (with Wilson's brother Dan) Semisonic. While the Twilight Hours are technically a new group, Stereo Night is simply a continuation of Wilson and Munson's lifetime of making music with, without, and around each other—and it's that willingness to constantly evolve that has allowed them to create some of their best songs yet.


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