Minnesota Beatle Project, Vol. 1

At first blush, the concept of a bunch of local bands recording Beatles covers for a charity fundraiser sounds, well, terrifying. Does the Minnesota music scene really need to weigh in with their renditions of one of the most-covered bands in history? It turns out that yes, yes they do. From Mark Mallman's upbeat, electro-pop version of "Fool on the Hill" and Romantica's pedal-steel-heavy "Something" to Roma di Luna's time signature-bending "I Will" and Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles' playful and plunking "Sexy Sadie," each track comes from the artist's own perspective, creating a disc that's as diverse as it is accessible. The Minnesota Beatle Project compilation is a testament to the collective chops of our local scene—and the fact that it's subtitled Vol. 1 bodes well for fans of the Fab Four and Twin Cities musicians alike.


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