Nothing can ruin a good time like bad music. You've been there: You're sitting in a bar tipping back a few pints with your buddies, and suddenly "Higher" by Creed comes blaring through the speakers. It's a mood killer. This won't happen at Sauce Spirits and Soundbar. They have the best jukebox in town. First, the machine is free. As for the selection, good music is really in the ear of the beholder, but you likely won't be disappointed. Sauce's jukebox offers a wide selection of both classics and great albums you wouldn't expect: Aesop Rock to Talking Heads. David Bowie to Mastodon. Björk to the Doors. The Pixies to Why? Even better, the machine won't ever subject you to the torturous output of Creed singer Scott Stapp's horrendous vocal chords.

Location Details

3001 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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