David Campbell

You've heard the story before: Minor-league pitcher gets called up to the bigs to suck up innings while the starter rehabs, shows he can throw heat, and ends up becoming the star of the team. It's the same story for David Campbell, host of The Local Show on 89.3 the Current. Back in 2007, the Electric Fetus store clerk and KQRS DJ hosted Chris Roberts's incarnation of The Local Show for a 13-week stretch. He killed. It was obvious to listeners that Campbell didn't just have a pulse on the local music scene, he was its femoral artery. Campbell is making the Sunday-night program a must-listen for anyone who cares about music in Minnesota. His relaxed style makes listening to The Local Show feel as though you're sitting alongside him on a couch, taking turns spinning vinyl. Campbell invites not only bands but music industry folks—writers, bookers, managers—to come into the studio to talk shop and spin tracks, giving the show an intimate, behind-the-curtain feel that no other local-music program has been able to duplicate. Add to that his knack for pulling together tracks from across the board (Campbell's just as likely to spin White Iron Band as someone more Current-friendly like Lookbook), and it makes for an incredibly informative and explorative show.


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