Michelle Hensley

Ten Thousand Things' Michelle Hensley gets a lot of (deserved) attention for her theater's mission to bring art to disenfranchised audiences (viewing a TTT production in a prison or rehab facility is nothing less than mind-expanding and ennobling). But the drive of that mission shouldn't eclipse the consistently stellar standards of TTT's work, much of it under Hensley's direction. She took on Kira Obolensky's thorny Raskol, a Dostoevsky adaptation that captured the jingle-jangle rhythms of Crime and Punishment and the riot inside the title character's mind. Later in 2009 she co-directed (with Sonja Parks) a production of Othello that was lauded as precise, moving, and full of life. Hensley's art is every bit as admirable as her good works, and her craft as a director puts her among a handful of the best.


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