Some will argue that the 7th St. Entry is too small to be the best concert venue in the Twin Cities. These people are wrong. In fact, the best thing the Entry has going for it is its size. It's small enough to promise an intimate performance—i.e., no line of knuckle-draggers in security T-shirts between you and the band—but big enough to catch popular acts. The Entry is a perennial venue for renowned local musicians and a Midwest hub for many national and international acts like Telepathe and Melt Banana. The sound is excellent, the floor plan is concertgoer-friendly, and, unlike its larger Siamese-twin sibling, it practically gives away those delicious PBR Tall Boys (okay, maybe not delicious, but they are damn cheap). The Entry also preserves a gritty history of the Twin Cities music scene lost in so many of the newer venues. The bathroom alone is to a Minneapolis music lover what the fossil record is to an anthropologist. Some will argue that this is gross. And while they might be right, you've got to admit the place has character.

Location Details

701 1st Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55403-1327


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