Old Log staged Ray Cooney's cynical, grown-up comedy with ace performances and a black heart beating beneath its madcap capering. Tom Stolz was an accountant arriving home from his soul-crushing job with one priority on his mind: getting a plane ticket to anywhere, and fast, after picking up the wrong briefcase on the train and finding it stuffed with cash. From here it was all spit-takes and ratcheting tension, with Judith Heneghan as the befuddled wife who imbibes a lake of booze to manage it all. James Cada arrived as an arch, seen-it-all cop, and amid various threats from the money's rightful owner, everyone eventually hatched a scheme that was essentially a raised middle finger in the face of convention, responsibility, and the passionless grind of the workaday world. As Steve Miller sagely put it, take the money and run.

Location Details

5185 Meadville St.
Excelsior MN 55331


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