Mike 2600

Mike Davis, a.k.a. Mike 2600, is the epitome of a DIY dude. His résumé includes contributions to both the music and art scenes, which, in Davis's life, "really inform one another," he says. The St. Louis import co-founded Burlesque of North America graphic art and screenprinting company in northeast Minneapolis in 2003, which later gave rise to the First Amendment art gallery housed in the Burlesque studio's foyer. When Davis was starting out as a graphic-design major in college, he would sneak into the campus radio station between classes and teach himself to spin records—a resourceful move that led to a passionate record-collecting hobby. He went on to make memorable flyers for festivals, DJs, and other artists, while also proving his prowess in the DJ booth. Aside from making some of the most crucial posters and street-art emblems in the city, Davis holds several high-profile DJ residencies: He runs the successful two-for-one night Triple Double every Tuesday at the Triple Rock, plays Street Sounds and Get Cryphy nights in First Avenue's former VIP Room, and hosts Bomp! at the Bedlam. At a recent surprise party for Get Cryphy founder Jimmy2Times, Davis presented the birthday boy with a stack of carefully selected vintage records thoughtfully wrapped in paper he illustrated himself, a perfect snapshot not only of what kind of guy Davis is but of how he has braided together his passions. Minneapolis has always been pretty DIY, but Davis, with his supreme taste spanning from old funk classics to grimy hip hop to lighthearted house, is its king.


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