Never Trust a Thin Cook, by Eric Dregni

On a quest for the best food in the world, Eric Dregni, a prolific local author and assistant professor at Concordia University, traveled to Italy in search of a dream—and a really good plate of food. He and his girlfriend, whom he met at Uptown's Leaning Tower of Pizza, began their sabbatical in Milan, then ventured to the small town of Modena (home of the Ferrari and balsamic vinegar). During his visit, Dregni learns to live at a slower pace, notes the differences between Italian and Minnesotan lifestyles, and amuses Italians who delight that "Minnesota" sounds like "minestrone." Along the way he expounds on the joys of (intentionally) moldy salami and correctly prepared espresso and describes his attempts to crack into the balsamic-vinegar elite. Think of his book as a delicious tale of a Minnesotan abroad.


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