"Someday," think the teenage music fans riding down University Avenue, "I'll hit 21 and finally get to find out what goes on behind those doors at the Turf Club." Then they stop a few blocks later and walk into a place of their own—a high schooler's music Mecca, one of those great classic record stores that happens to also contain the best after-school live-show venue they could want. Eclipse has rebounded spectacularly since its star-crossed, ordinance-stifled existence on St. Paul's Grand Avenue forced it to relocate, and the spot on University has been perfectly situated to cultivate a youth-friendly interest in the local music scene. The music stage welcomes up-and-comers, often bands of musicians the same age as the kids in the audience. But plenty of veteran acts also make appearances, including a recent reunion show by beloved Minneapolis punks the Soviettes. And since the shows are always inexpensive (cover is typically $5 or $6), feature plenty of local favorites, and start hours before most other shows in town, the 21+ crowd still has plenty of reasons to make Eclipse their first stop in a long night of club-hopping.

Location Details

381 Wabasha Street N.
Saint Paul MN 55102


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