Patrick Bailey

In Frank Theatre's Palace of the End, Patrick Bailey delivered a wrenching, wracked monologue as the late British weapons inspector David Kelley, who confessed that he had been made to falsify Iraq WMD data in order to justify war. Less than two months later, Bailey was onstage in the Jungle's production of Conor McPherson's The Seafarer, playing a hapless drunk amid an all-male cast unknowingly harboring the devil in their midst. Bailey can shift his actor's center of gravity with gratifying results, bringing a sense of magnetism and weight with a palpable awareness of the performers around him. Whether in a solo spotlight or shoring up a group effort, Bailey is the sort of actor to whom the eye gravitates, searching for his character's take on unlocking each play's puzzles. He's a bit of an onstage locksmith, then, albeit one invested with considerable intelligence and courage.


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