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the Twin Cities

Best CD Store (New)

Electric Fetus

As much as pundits and bloggers obsess over the slow death of the CD as a marketable product, you never have a problem finding a crowd of browsers and buyers at Electric Fetus. And not just on days when they have one of their vaunted in-store performances, either: With a 41-year history and a sterling reputation among Twin Cities music fans, it's always a great place for a new-release acquisition trip or just a spontaneous impulse-buying spree. You can find everything from inexpensive catalog releases ($6.99 for the Time's Ice Cream Castle!) to high-quality box sets like the Complete Motown Singles volumes. The store's selection of compilations from every genre imaginable is a gold mine for the adventurous, and they don't skimp on "niche" genres like jazz or electronic dance music. If you're feeling lucky, the vaunted remainders section has an absurd amount of inexpensive out-of-print, imported, and cutout-bin discs that you'd be hard-pressed to find even in the shadiest corners of internet file-sharing. The Fetus's collection of DVDs, head-shop artifacts, and DIY CD-burning stations are a nice bonus, too.

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