It's a shame that Spot and Lucky can't accompany you on every trip you take. They probably would have found your two-week stint in Hawaii every bit as enjoyable as you did. Still, you have a wealth of luxurious pet-boarding services to choose from in the Twin Cities. Now Boarding, which opened in the past year, offers the entire package: a state-of-the-art facility that can house up to 141 animals (96 dogs, 30 cats, and 15 miscellaneous critters), a full staff of groomers and trainers, and reasonable prices, and remarkable convenience to owners. Open 24 hours a day, Now Boarding provides park-and-ride shuttle service to the airport, which is just down the road. Their new facility also includes a pet exercise/therapy pool, so when your darlings don't seem thrilled to leave, don't take it personally. Most important, the kennel's profits benefit the Animal Humane Society, so while your pets are thoroughly enjoying their little vacay, homeless animals in the metro area are treated to a roof over their heads, meals, and the health care they need.

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6002 28th Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55450


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