It might be called Twin Town Guitars, and sure, the walls are decorated with more Gibsons and Les Pauls than Korg keyboards. But nestled into a cozy storefront on 34th and Lyndale is a comprehensive one-stop shop for Twin Cities musicians in need of a tune-up, a new set of strings, or a hundred feet of XLR cable for the Monotonix show at the Uptown Bar. It's the kind of place where musicians like to spend money. Repped by the best and brightest of the local music community, staffed by the exceedingly knowledgeable, and conveniently located, it's exactly the kind of place that should make a drive to the Edina Guitar Center a total absurdity. With a great selection of gear and gadgetry, Twin Town Guitars is the perfect place to keep your life loud and local.

Location Details

3400 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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