Best Green Home-Improvement Store (2009)

The Reuse Center

Since 1995, the Reuse Center has offered new, used, and surplus building materials such as plumbing fixtures, doors, cabinets, and reclaimed lumber salvaged from home and commercial building sites, and all are priced well below retail. If you just can't handle that dripping faucet, malfunctioning doorknob, or ugly, outdated kitchen sink any longer, replacements can be had for a proverbial song. Plus you're helping the environment by recycling. This isn't cast-off, cheap, "this'll work till we can find something better" product, either—it's quality material. Improving your living space is rewarding aesthetically and emotionally, but now you can also save money and feed your soul.

Location Details

2801 21st Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55407


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