It's a garden store, but it's so much more. Its very name conjures up a wonderland of entwined vines and bracken where wee fairy folk come to frolic. With a focus on uncommon plants and unique garden sculpture, the charming Tangletown Gardens brings a bit of the exotic to an urban Minnesota garden. Tangletown owners Scott Endres and Dean Engelmann are as committed to plant science as they are to garden artistry, stocking only the best fertilizers, soils, and pet-friendly mulches and repellents. Endres and Engelmann provide a wonderful way to get through the long winter and tentative Minnesota spring by offering free seminars through April. Their website provides a full schedule, as well as more information about the center. This year, Tangletown has also added a series of interactive workshops ($20 each) to provide individual attention to gardeners who want to learn new techniques.

Location Details

5353 Nicollet Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55419


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