For some, gaming is the pastime of a youth spent huddled over sheets of paper and piles of dice, determining the fates of Orcish gun monks and elven warmages. For others, the passion is life-long. Whatever the stage of your life or the form your gaming takes, there's little doubt you'll find your needs met at the Source. The spacious Falcon Heights store houses every role-playing rulebook your heart could desire, including many that are rare and out of print. War-gaming figurines fill the northern wall, waiting for your paintbrush to bring them to life. If all you want is the sweet smell of fresh-printed Magic cards, look no further for your collectible card-game supply. Most valuable, though, is a large room in the back of the store, stocked simply with tables and chairs, where a language of fireballs and gully dwarves is spoken and Twin Cities gamers can challenge one another or just kick back and share their latest adventures.

Location Details

1601 W. Larpenteur Ave.
Roseville MN 55113


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