With a spacious, well-lit storefront along a strip of prime real estate just a stone's throw from the Guthrie, Big Brain Comics is a shining example of prospering nerdery. Whether you're coming to grab a trade paperback of Optic Nerve, the newest issue of Kick-Ass, or an armful of Swamp Thing and Spidey, Big Brain has you covered, and it can throw in enough Chris Ware collectibles to put you in the poorhouse. It's thrifty, it's exhaustive, and it's welcoming to the newcomer and the diehard alike. Don't be fooled—engage the staff in an uninformed debate about V for Vendetta and you might walk away nursing a stinging backside. But this is the place to go for all your graphic needs, even if you don't know your James Kochalkas from your Alan Moores.

Location Details

1027 Washington Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55415-1246


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