Best Clothing Store (Kids) (2009)


Children frequently display a couple of traits that absolutely confound those responsible for clothing them. First, they grow, unpredictably and erratically, making September's prized T-shirt an undersized hand-me-down by the holidays. Second, they are resolutely irrational: That pricey department-store dress your daughter absolutely must have stands a decent chance of never being worn, for mysterious and never-divulged reasons. Shopping for kids' clothes at Savers takes the pressure off everyone; with revolving discounts on already low prices, a diverse stock of items that changes from week to week, and a funky, fun atmosphere, this is thrift-store shopping done right. And there's always the chance you'll find something for yourself—and it won't be instantly recognizable to everyone you know as having come from Target.

Location Details

2124 E. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55407


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