Best Bookstore (Used) (2009)


Apparently a mischievous little genius is in charge of shelving at Booksmart. In the basement, when you turn right at the bottom of the stairs, you'll find the section with books about aging. Directly below are shelves labeled "Menopause." After that is "Death and Dying." Existentially speaking, you might wonder what comes next. At Booksmart, it's the sex section. Discovering this playful progression—aging, menopause, —is just one of the joys of shopping here. (Something similar happens in the religion section, where books on Christianity quickly give way to shelves reserved for Wicca/Occult/Magick.) Those looking for a specific title are likely to find it—at a cut rate—among the store's stock of more than 100,000 books. Meanwhile, shoppers with a hunter's instinct, or those just looking to kill some time, can flip through the chaotic "New Arrivals" bins to search for the gems certain to be hidden within. Thriftsters will get their goodies digging through the $1 bin (a cheap literary thrill is still a thrill, right?). Booksmart's been in the area for almost 15 years now, and what's most impressive is the way they keep reinvigorating their collection, ceaselessly acquiring new titles and dispersing them among their meticulously categorized shelves.

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Location Details

1300 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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