If you've ever ordered sex toys off the internet for fear of being embarrassed wandering into your neighborhood Sleaze-Mart, you owe it to yourself and your genitals to check out Smitten Kitten. Their selection includes only safe toys; in fact, the Kitten founded a nonprofit organization called Coalition Against Toxic Toys (get it, CATT?) to promote awareness of safe sex-toy production and practices. The shopkeeps at Smitten Kitten preach what they practice, too. Intimately knowledgeable about every shelf's products, they can ease any discomfort with matter-of-fact descriptions, recommendations, and advice. It's not just dildos and lube, either; Smitten Kitten boasts an impressive porn collection for rental or purchase. And boys, forget the pussy-centric name; the Kitten has the goods for you, too, from cock rings to masturbation aids.

Location Details

3010 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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