All winter long, hundreds of rose bushes lie dormant under a protective covering of dirt and leaves, not far from the shores of Lake Harriet. Nearby, the ornate Heffelfinger Fountain stands hidden from view, encased in protective wooden boards. A few hardy people shuffle through the snow, but the Lyndale Park Rose Garden is not a hospitable place to linger when the temperature hovers around zero. You know spring is coming, however, when park workers start to putter around the garden, preparing for the upcoming months filled with glorious blooms. When the fountain is revealed, it serves as a magnet, and with each brighter day more visitors stop to enjoy the cascading water, the soft green grass, the lush landscaping, the giddy bridal parties posing for photographs, the romping kids and dogs, and, come June, row upon row of elegant pink, red, white, and multicolored roses, as vibrant as ever after a long winter's hibernation.

Location Details

4125 E. Lake Harriet Parkway
Minneapolis MN 55410


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