Best Sex Podcast (2009)

Sex Is Fun

Not sure how to properly masturbate your partner? Wondering which herbs will make you the horniest? Curious about how to straddle the dildo attachments of the Sybian sex machine (and the best way to achieve that elusive, earth-shattering orgasm as a result) but not ready to drop the $1,400 you'll need to own it? Never fear—the sex-positive men and women behind Sex Is Fun are ready with their refreshing combination of stimulation and education. This weekly, Minneapolis-based podcast of frank sex chat seems straight from the mouths of your oldest, dearest, dirtiest friends: Kidder, who brings medical expertise and an ever-sharp opinion to the table; Coochie, the sound engineer, a frequent product tester and argument-extinguisher; Gay Rick, an HIV educator with a big personality, who offers a gay male perspective; and Laura Rad, the sex and relationship guru who teaches how to communicate intimately and emotionally with your partner. Even if, according to Gay Rick on an episode about nipple clamps and erotic touching, the show is sometimes from "little more than our meandering experience," who cares? Health class was never this honest, this conversational, or this hilarious. Oh, and by the way, the Sybian feels like a "jet took off between your legs."


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