Best Reason to Go to the Twins' Last Season at the Metrodome (2009)

Dome Dogs

As we kick off the Minnesota Twins' last season in the pillow-top Metrodome stadium, it's only fair to pay tribute to the hot dogs that will soon fade into history. Sure, they might sell the exact same hot dogs at Target Field in 2010, but they sure as hell can't be called Dome Dogs, so they'll never be as tasty. So this year, slather that baby in sauerkraut, mustard, and peppers for the last time. You're probably asking: Won't a hot dog taste better outdoors in a beautiful new stadium? No, it won't. In the spring you'll likely be shivering under an umbrella with a dog soggy from the freezing rain, and in the summer you'll be baking in heat so intense you'll dread eating anything with "hot" in the name. And don't forget that appetizing scent of trash wafting from the burner next door. You'll wish you had devoured one last Dome Dog before the magic disappeared.

Location Details

900 S. 5th St.
Minneapolis MN 55415


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