Best Professional Wrestler (2009)

Tommy "The SpiderBaby" Saturday

The nom du wrestling of Terrance Griep, Spiderbaby is a heel (a bad guy in pro wrestling terms), a tag-team champion, and openly gay, just like Griep. Since he started as an "out" commentator for a local indie federation, Spiderbaby has become a force in the local pro wrestling community. SpiderBaby's success isn't about sexuality or his efforts to bring wrestling out of the Neolithic age, it's about Griep's talents in and out of the ring. He's a heel in the best way—getting heat and hate from the crowd for his nefarious actions, not because he likes to kiss guys. Sure, this sense of openness and fun hasn't spread to the big boys at the WWE, but tons of pro wrestling innovations have come out of Minnesota in the past, and Spiderbaby is another one that could catch on nationwide.


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