Best Place to Meet Single Women (Lesbian) (2009)

Booby Trap at the Bolt Underground

Softball games, broomball tournaments, and the YWCA are always guaranteed good places to meet women who like women, but a little liquor never hurts to break the ice. While there is no 24/7 lesbian bar these days, thankfully a few queer ladies' nights have begun popping up on the scene on a monthly basis. "Booby Trap" at the Bolt Underground is one of these new events packed with girl-on-girl action. Be forewarned, the event is not for mingling, but an evening of hot and dirty grinding, a.k.a. dancing. The dance floor at Booby Trap fills quickly, with enough TNA to satisfy every body's desires, from veterans to bi-curious first-timers. The $5 cover includes admission to all-night performances by the Booby Trap Girls, basically a non-singing version of the Pussycat Dolls. These dancers encourage tips, and they reward tippers.

Location Details

515 Washington Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55415


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