Best Place to Meet Single Men (Straight) (2009)

Midwest Mountaineering

Okay, so there are tons of single guys crammed into dark, crowded Twin Cities bars, but let's face it: The ability to scope them out may be seriously hindered by alcohol. So why not look for men at a place where health is in the air and the guys are guaranteed to be fit and adorable? Manly men love the outdoors, and Midwest Mountaineering is chock full of them. Saturday-afternoon shoppers can find wool socks, camping recipes, and maybe a new love interest. Another option is one of the store's fun outdoor classes: climbing at the store's rock wall, crafting your own wooden paddle, proper application of ski wax. If all else fails, there are always the sales guys. Not only are they ruggedly handsome, they also know which sleeping bag is warmest.

Location Details

309 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55454


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