Best Place to Hang Out with Your Kids (2009)

Roller Garden

Perched in St. Louis Park since 1943, the Roller Garden is a place where, once you step inside, you feel as though you're 12 again—and in a good way. All ages can rent roller skates or blades, and the cushioned wood floor makes the inevitable tumble less likely to end in tears. Most days there's a DJ spinning tunes ranging from Jay-Z to AC/DC, and you can get your rolling groove on amid one of the most diverse, chill crowds in the Twin Cities. There's a reasonably priced snack bar and plenty of places to hang out when you're not going around the track (10 times around equals a mile). You might find that, after the kids are exhausted, you're the one throwing a tantrum over staying just a little longer.

Location Details

5622 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55416


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